TOEC mini 1 Portable Tattoo Printer

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TOEC mini 1 Portable Tattoo Printer
Quantity: 1 x Transfer Machine
Scanning Mode: CIS
Effective Scanning Width: 210 mm
Horizontal: 8 dot / mm
Vertical: (Standard)3.85 line/mm
Document Type: Fine
Document size: A5-A4
Document Thickness: 0.06 mm-0.15mm
Recording Mode: TPH
Effective Printing width: 210mm
Weight: 1.99Kg
Color: Silver,Black
Measurement: 29*23*7cm
Coming with a simple separate carrying box: 40*29*15cm

Handy Introduction:

Copy in Mirror State

1, Open the copying paper cover.
2, Drawout the oilpaper; according to the picture, put the paper in and keep stencil paper up, pull the paper to the TPH side. Also, you can tear off the yellow paper and then put the paper.
3, Close the copying paper box.
4, Copied document should be faced down and put it into the feeder. When the document is catched, please press the key "COPY".
Copy in Normal State

Before copying, press key "MIRROR" to keep the mirror light quenching.



1. Before usiing the mirror copy function, you should wait a few seconds for TPH heating; when the page is printed, the white paper of the copying paper should be stuck to TPH.
2. If you want to stop the copying mission, please press the key "STOP".
3. If the warning signal sounds, ERROR lights works and stop c opying immedistely.
4. Manual included.


1 x Transfer machine

1 x English manual

1 x Power cord