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Professional Blender Electric Blenders Countertop Soup Smoothie Shake Mixer Food Blend Grind 2000Watt 5 Core JB 2000M

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About this item


Brand:5 Core


5 Core 2000W Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending with Titanium Blade, 68oz Blender Cup- JB 2000 M


About Item


Powerful blending performance: The smoothie blender is capable of producing high-quality smoothies, protein shakes, and frozen drinks with ease. Thanks to its 2000-watt peak power and 6 hardened Titanium stainless Heavy Duty steel blades, it has a powerful blending performance.

Ultra-smooth results: Achieve ultra-smooth results with the 5 Core electric kitchen blender. Its blades are specifically designed to continuously force ingredients down and circulate them around the jar, effectively crushing even the toughest foods.

Serve with ease: Pouring your blended drinks is now effortless with the electric Blender's convenient spout. It guarantees a spill-free and mess-free pouring experience into your glass.

Seven blending functions: This Blender is perfect for shakes and smoothies and offers a variety of functions that are easy to control. You can choose from seven different blending options with just one knob on the front panel.

Safety to use: Safety is a top priority for the 5 Core Juicer Blender. It features a safety lock that ensures it can only be operated normally when the lock is in the correct position, providing peace of mind while in use.

Product Description

Revolutionize how you make smoothies, protein shakes, and frozen drinks with our top-of-the-line smoothie blender! Boasting a powerful 2000-watt peak blending power and Titanium stainless Heavy Duty steel blades, this blender can easily crush even the toughest ingredients.

Our smoothie blender offers seven versatile blending functions, including ice crushing, pureeing, dicing, and chopping, to provide maximum blending options. Additionally, a convenient spout makes serving drinks easy, and a safety lock ensures the blender is safe. Get ready to elevate your blending game with our powerful and convenient smoothie blender!

At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority—a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.


Large Capacity

Easy to Clean

Essential design

Best blender

Featuring a generous 68-oz capacity, this juicer blender is both break-resistant and food-grade. It is BPA-free and safe to use.

The jar, lid, and removable blades can all be conveniently cleaned with soap and water, making cleaning up after use hassle-free.

With its essential, user-friendly design, this kitchen blender is an indispensable tool for daily use. Simply use the knob to get the perfect consistency every time.

Whether you want to blend smoothies, protein shakes, or soups, this blender lets you choose the ingredients to get the most out of every blend.


Product specification:


Color- Black

Power- 2000W

Capacity- 68oz

No. Blade- Six

Blade material- Titanium


Package information

1x Kitchen blender



Preparing protein shakes for a post-workout boost.

Dicing and chopping ingredients for easy meal prep.

Crushing ice for refreshing frozen drinks on a hot day.

Mixing is better for pancakes, waffles, or baked goods.

Blending delicious smoothies with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of products

Blend ingredients quickly and easily.

Saves a significant amount of time in the kitchen.

It helps to break down tough ingredients like ice or nuts.

Offers precise control over the consistency of your blends.

Allows for customization of flavors and ingredients to suit your preference.

Benefits of 5 Core over other products


Two thousand watts of peak blending power.

Modern design built with sturdy material.

Multi-function juicer blender with different blending functions.

Seven functions control with a simple knob gives you all the versatility you need.

Blend & crush ice for smoothies & milkshakes, puree vegetables, fruits, dice, and chop.

Why 5 Core

5 Core has been known for producing high-quality, premium products since 1984.

We are committed to using only the best materials and components to ensure the longevity of our products.

The best deals compared to other brands in the market without compromising on quality.

The trustworthy choice for thousands of customers scattered worldwide in more than 65 countries.

Backed by a proven track record of happy customers and peace of mind.



5 Core Product

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Powerful Motor




Steady Blender




Ultra-Smooth Results





About Brand


5 Core, headquartered in California, warehouse in Bellefontaine, OH, USA, has a reputation for being a trusted and reliable brand, offering products designed to meet the highest industry standards. Our products are thoroughly tested and inspected before they are sent to the end user, ensuring that the customers receive products of the highest quality and reliability. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, 5 Core is a brand people can trust for all their needs and wants.





Question: Can I crush and mix seeds?

Answer: Yes, this blender is perfect for crushing and mixing seeds.

Question: Can I blend vegetables and fruits together?

Answer: Yes, you can blend fruits and vegetables together in the blender.

Question: Can I crush ice in my smoothie blender?

Answer: Yes, the 2000W powerful motor and Titanium stainless Heavy Duty steel blades are powerful enough to crush ice.

Question: Can I blend hot ingredients in this blender?

Answer: Yes, you can, but it is important to use caution when blending hot ingredients. Make sure to let them cool slightly before blending, and do not fill the blending jar with more than sturdy blades for best results.

Question: What can I make in the blender besides smoothies?

Answer: The 5 Core blender is a versatile blending machine, and you can use it in different applications, such as to make soups, sauces, dips, salad dressing, nut butter, and desserts like ice cream & sorbet.